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Learn what God has to say about your health. Discover the Bible’s secrets to living a healthy life. You can do it on your own or with a group. Select as many copies of each below. Free shipping on all orders!

*typically at least 1 DVD per group and 1 study guide for each participant

Bible Study Guide

A seven-week life-transforming study that unlocks the secrets to God's health plan. The solution to obesity, diabetes, mental health problems, and every other acquired disease. Imagine what your life will be like if you follow your Creator's health plan... made just for you!

Created for use with companion Biblical Prescriptions for Life DVD video series.


DVD Video Series

Seven video sessions that will take you on a seven-week life-transforming journey unlocking the secrets from the Bible, supported by science. The solution to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, mental health problems, and every other acquired disease.

These videos are designed for use with Biblical Prescriptions for Life Study Guide.



Reclaim your health.


Lasting health with no side effects.


Treat the cause not just the symptoms.


Free yourself from the dangerous side effects of prescription medicines.


Backed by scientific evidence.


Connect with others.


Simple to follow.


Live the life God created for you.

What everyone is saying😍

Join people from all over the world and discover the life and health your Creator has planned for you.

Richard M.


“It totally exceeded our expectations. The in depth direction towards God through water, diet, things that I hadn’t looked at before… it really turned out to be a beautiful thing.”

Jerry A.


“People are doing daily lessons and they are talking with their friends about it. Most of the folks have now developed a group of people outside of our study that they are sharing this information with. I think this is the absolute best health program I’ve been exposed to.”


Linda G.

Production Supervisor

I think health is one of the key components to reaching others. Christ reached these people where they were and healed many of them, and in doing so he was able to reach their hearts.

Listen to Christine’s story on how our Bible study radically changed her life. Learn how God can do the same for your life.